Mentoring Testimonials


I first worked with Stuart in Bangladesh when he gave workshop to photojournalism students for Pathshala Institute in 2010. His advice was clear and supportive and he encouraged me! We have kept in touch ever since and when I was in Cairo making my work about The Silent Wound he helped me on email and telephone to work out what was possible. It was very useful to have that input from so far away and he made me confident about what I could do. Stuart helped me to edit my work about acid attack survivors for my (successful) World Press Masterclass submission and I know that I can rely on him for honest and straight advice. Thank you for your valuable direction!

- Farzana Hossen, photographer/Getty Emerging Talent/Ian Parry Award winner 2013, Bangladesh


I originally contacted Stuart in appreciation of his work and the possibility of assisting him, but our working relationship turned into something much more valuable for my practice as a photojournalist.

He’s been mentoring me for two years now, supporting me to ‘take things up a step.’ His help has made a significant improvement not only in my photography, but also the way I approach a project or assignment. I now have a deeper understanding of why certain photos or stories work well, and also how important the connection between photographer and subject is.

As a result of his support I am now shooting for better clients, selecting subjects appropriate to my interests, and have a higher success rate with access and publication. I appreciate it when people speak their mind and tell you when something needs improving, and I know I can rely on Stuart for this, without it I wouldn’t have made the positive changes that have happened recently.

I shoot a lot of work abroad, and he is one of few people who seem to know about that and offer advice about any place or any subject I suggest. In addition to our meetings in person when I’m in the UK, whilst I’m on the road he has been advising remotely with editing and approach, and maintaining integrity when shooting.

- Phil Clarke-Hill, photographer, UK and Brazil


Stuart is brilliant at bringing a clarity of thought to bear within a strong ethical and artistic framework. The sessions are friendly but business like; always packed with new insights that are moving you forward. Hearing the truth about your little darlings is sometimes tough but it puts you on a much surer footing for improvement and learning.  Worth every penny in my opinion and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of more wisdom.  

- Roland Ramanan, photographer


I found my time with you profoundly helpful, and I don’t use that word lightly! Until we met, I wasn’t really too sure what I was doing with my time, or even what kind of photographer I wanted to be... but I really felt my time with you unlocked something in me... You helped me to begin to ‘see’.

- Mike Beecham, photographer


I worked with Stuart as a mentor for several months and found him an excellent coach. He helped me to improve my photographic eye as well as giving my a greater understanding understanding of how to construct a story with photographs. He has a down to earth approach, sets projects that will help you improve and gives clear, positive and constructive criticism. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

- Richard Gill, photographer


I’ve been consulting Stuart for the last 6 months, in person as well as by telephone, email and Skype and continue to do so. One of the hardest things to do as a photographer is to edit your own work and Stuart has been invaluable in assessing ongoing long-term documentary projects. He was able to see the strengths of the work but more importantly what was lacking and point me in the right direction to continue with renewed positivity and vigour. He’s extremely perceptive – right down to pinpointing bad habits and ruts in both technique and vision that I didn’t know I’d fallen into! Stuart is refreshingly down to earth. He’s honest and forthright with his opinions and advice but always encouraging and supportive too. I’ve benefitted tangibly from his experience right from the first consultation and have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending him as a brilliant and effective photography mentor

- Simon de Trey-White, photographer, New Delhi


Currency. Experience. Empathy. Knowledge. Ethics. Those are the words I would use to describe why you should look to Stuart as a mentor. There are very, very few people who I would recommend as a photographer’s mentor. Stuart is probably top of my list. I have observed Stuart’s work and approach for a couple of decades, and his genuine desire to help others is palpable. His photography is exceptional. His industry experience is unsurpassed, and his understanding of the professional photography marketplace is first class. How he treats those he photographs is a lesson in itself. There are many experienced photographers, many who take great images. Most, however, are rather selfish and tend to guard their knowledge very defensively. I believe we all gain by sharing knowledge, as does Stuart. If you are a photographer looking for clarity, guidance and support, I suggest you speak to Stuart. He’s the man.

David White, Course Leader: BA(Hons) Press & Editorial Photography, Falmouth University


Stuart Freedman isn’t just a great photographer (one of the very best) he’s also what many talented photographers aren’t, a great listener and teacher.
If there’s someone better about to be mentored by, let me know, I want to sign up with them.

Benjamin Chesterton, co-founder and production director, Duckrabbit